Exfoliating, ideal for dandruff, clears and soothes the scalp

Hair Texture

African-Caribbean, Coarse, Fine, Medium

WINNER InStyle Best Beauty Buys for 'Best Scalp Treatment Range' 
An intensive anti-dandruff treatment that helps to soothe and clear the scalp of any flakes or irritation. Extremely effective formula can be used regularly or to treat specific issues.

  • Intensive anti-dandruff treatment
  • Removes dead skin cells, counteracting the build-up of flakes
  • Contains moisturizing agents to soothe irritated scalps and add suppleness
  • Controls sebum production

Exfoliating Scalp Mask

    • Most people have had or will experience some degree of dandruff during their life. If you have a flaky/itchy scalp, don’t be embarrassed: you are not alone and there are many effective products available to treat it. ‘Dandruff’ describes scalp flaking. However, there are various degrees of severity ranging from common dandruff, i.e. loose or tight flakes, to more severe seborrheic dermatitis.
    • The most common type of dandruff is ‘pityriasis capitis simplex’ or ‘pityriasis steatoides’. It usually comes and goes and you may find it flares up under stress. Mild to moderate dandruff is easily treated with over-the-counter shampoos, toners and scalp masks.